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My Final Logo Project.

Today for my final webdesign assignment we had to design a logo of our choice. i decided to use the adidas logo as i used this brand regularly so i thought it would be a good choice. to make this logo i searched different logos online and found one that was interesting to me. the first thing i did to create this logo was i made a rectangle shape using the rectangle tool. than i copied the same shape twice to make three exact same shapes . than i selected all three shapes using the selection tool, and turned them slightly to the left. next i made another rectangle and just put it at the bottom of all three rectangles making a line across the rectangles. next i united the shapes and subtracted the bottom rectangle giving me the three rectangles you see now. next i changed the fill color to black and the stroke color to grey, and used the 3d embevel and emboss effect to give it the 3d effect you see now. than i added text to my image … fooloed around with the different fonts but just chose a frequently used one because it fit my logo.


Creating An Ancient Key Assignment.

This was today’s assignment for my webdesign class. we learned how to use different shapes to create one image. I again used adobe illustrator for this assignment. the first thing i always do is click file>new and make sure my document is set up for the web, than i turned on the grid to make it easier to line up the objects. Next i made a circle using the ellipse tool, duplicated the shape by using the selection tool and holding down the ALT key.. Than i made a third circle using copy and paste, and moved the circles together to make a clover type shape. next i used the rectangle tool to draw a long thin rectangle, and again i used the same tool to make two smaller rectangles forming the key shape. the next step was to make all the shapes one.. i used the pathfinder panel to do this and clicked unite. next i punched three holes in the top part of the key using the pathfinder panel, i just selected the hole and clicked extract. the last step was to customize … i made my key a little bigger, and tilted it a bit, than i used pink as the fill color and black as the stroke color. i used the 3d effect to make it more appealing.. next i found a font on and downloaded it to my computer.
The font i used on this assignment was blackcasper…i changed the size, color, and placement of my text, than i was finished ! saved it for the web and uploaded it to my blog!!:)

How to Build A Canoe Logo.

This was our assignment for my webdesign class, we learned how to create shapes within shapes to make a specific shape! I used adobe illustrator to create this image. The first thing that i did was adjust the size and turned the units to pixels. Than i made an oval shape using the ellipse tool, next i made a similar shape over lapping the first shape. Than I selected both shapes by using the selection tool, opened the pathfinder panel and clicked ‘minus font’. this deleted the section where the shapes over lapped, giving me a canoe shape. Next I changes my canoes appearance by applying fill color (grey) stroke color (black) and applying a 3D effect. I than added text, to which i changed the font , size and color and used the effects menu to bulge out the lettering. My final step was to save for the web and post to my blog !!


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website banner2...

This was also part of my webdesign class. I decided to use a web because its “web” design. i made this banner in adobe photo shop. Found the picture on google…royalty free of course. than i just basically did what i did on the last banner … changed the font, color, layers…. i have found this to be one of the easiest assignments i have had so far!!

Website Banners...

Today in my webdesign class we learned how to make banners for websites. I used adobe photo shop to create this banner. I found the picture on google, and of course i used a royalty free image!!! next i just basically made a few adjustments to the settings. I changed the color, text, and layers. Than i added text and there you go….simple!!

Copyright Issues.

Always be aware of copyright issues, never assume the lack of notice for copyright means it is not protected. When you are using any images which you plan to publish, be sure to ask for permission from the original source. You can contact the original creator and ask for legal permission. There are many royalty free sites that you may access to obtain images without the threat of copyright issues. You may also come across some photos that say “unequivocal Language” this means the author is giving up all the rights to his work, and is allowing you to use the information freely.

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