Education is the First Step To Sucess !!


  I recently watched a documentary titled Catfish. It was about a man who was sending and receiving emails and phone calls with a family whom he had met over the internet. They had numerous interactions via email and phone and he became very fond of these people who he had never met.  He didn’t know at the time that he was being ‘cat fished’. They were sending paintings claiming the youngest daughter had painted them.  He also started having a relationship with the older daughter who claimed she was a singer, model, and actress.  He started to doubt the family when the oldest daughter had sent him music which she claimed she had sung herself and recorded. He looked up the songs on the internet and found she had been sending him pre recorded music performed by someone else!


 This is the defining moment when he realised he was being lied to. Instead of leaking his discovery over the internet, he decided to go see this family and see what was really going on.  Upon arrival he found the daughter didn’t even live in the house which she claimed to live in. She did not even exist!! The little girl did exist but did not send the paintings. Turns out it was the mother! She had been sending the painting which she had done herself. (Not the young girl)  She had also been sending and replying to messages claiming to be the model, singer, and actress. He was completely devastated.


 Before I watched this documentary I already knew the dangers of meeting someone online. This just shows you more proof of just what could happen, and how dangerous the world wide web can really be!


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Education is the First Step To Sucess !!

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