Education is the First Step To Sucess !!

well happy 10th birthday word press.. i only just started using this site for a class i am taking but congrats!! keep up the good work!

Digital by Default


Apparently 10 years ago today the first release of WordPress was let loose on the world. It is now the most popular web publishing tool in the world by a looooonnnnggg way – not bad for a small, trans-Atlantic open source project.

My career has been pretty entangled with WordPress during that decade – I was never a developer, or a designer…or really someone with any useful skills! WordPress came along and suddenly I could do things myself. The combination of the fabled ‘5 Minute Install’ (like Jamies Olivers 15 Minute Meals I think you have to multiply by three!), themes and plug-ins gave me unimagined power and gave me the freedom to just get on with my blogging (and still does to this day – unless Ghost delivers big!). The incredible community surrounding it meant I was never short of answers when I inevitably screwed something up.


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Education is the First Step To Sucess !!

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